Your Custom Branded Mobile Screening Portal

Convenient Mobile Access for You and Your Candidates

In today’s market, you need great candidates more than they need you. With our custom, applicant-focused mobile screening portal, Quick Search helps make sure you can start the screening process now. Faster speed to hire for you – better applicant experience for your candidates.

Don’t lose another candidate due to inconvenience – go Mobile and you’ll benefit from:

Faster Hiring

Don’t send your best candidates home with homework! With mobile you can put the final forms right in your applicant’s hands. Mobile means you’ll hire faster – and lose fewer candidates.

Better Completion Rates

Mobile isn’t enough – you need a user friendly experience to make sure candidates have a great hiring experience. Quick Search’s mobile solution reduces candidate information input time and increases your completion rate.

Custom Branding

Put your candidates at ease when filling out paperwork with our custom branded portal.

The Privacy You Expect

Applicants can sign required consent forms and enter their information when they’re on the go – with confidence their information is safe and secure.

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Our platform integrates with more than 30 Applicant Tracking Systems

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