Electronic I-9 & E-Verify Solutions

Electronic I-9s & E-Verify Solution

Quick Search and Tracker I-9 make Electronic I-9s and E-Verify easier than ever by streamlining your compliance processes. The automated online tracking system ensures compliance requirements are met, and delivers real-time I-9 intelligence so you’re always prepared for an audit. And if you’re transitioning away from paper I-9s, we’ve got you covered.

The Quick Search Tracker I-9 Solution:

  • Reduces I-9 errors, workload, and potential for audit risks
  • Provides a flexible online interface and management portal
  • Ensures data security and privacy
  • Intuitive I-9 Form and E-Verify Process tracking

Discover the Benefits of E-Verification

We’ve helped organizations of all sizes migrate from paper to electronic verification. Read how we helped Boston’s Pizza!


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With our custom, applicant-focused mobile screening portal, Quick Search helps make sure you can start the screening process now. Faster speed to hire for you – better applicant experience for your candidates.

Don’t lose another candidate due to inconvenience.

Our platform integrates with more than 30 Applicant Tracking Systems

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