About Quick Search

Since 1991, the Quick Search mission has stayed the same: help great companies hire great talent quick!

But we also know speed only matters when the job is done right. With experience searching more than 3,000 county databases, our expert researchers have provided accurate and compliant candidate experiences to more than 5,000 organizations on more than 5,000,000 screening reports. We’re committed to doing the job right, and fast, so you can get your employee background screening job done – and your candidates can start theirs.

Quick Search is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured private investigation firm providing nationwide background screening solutions from our headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

So when your next great hire is on the line, don’t miss out. Use Quick Search.

Quick Search Google Reviews

Najeeb Ullah Nasar
Najeeb Ullah Nasar
17:27 08 Jan 19
Richard Gloskey
Richard Gloskey
12:24 19 Feb 18
I use them several time. Every time using them had great service. The one time I had a problem I called and the problem was fixed in Know time. Thank you
Allen DeJonge
Allen DeJonge
14:06 24 Sep 16
Excellent service and responsiveness. Our contact at Quick Search was always available and knowledgeable on any questions that we may have had.

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