Frequently Asked Questions

Employment Screening FAQs

Below are some of the questions that we’re asked the most. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact our customer service hotline at 214-358-2880 then select option #2.

Why does your candidate need to fill out the FCRA Disclosure Form and why do I include it with the order?
The FCRA disclosure form is required by law to be filled out and signed by the applicant BEFORE you can begin a background search on a candidate. These forms are required by certain jurisdictions before a search can be run. It is imperative that your candidate fill out the form with their COMPLETE given name; first, middle and last. (No punctuation should be included in that name, i.e. hyphens, tildes or apostrophes. Also, no suffix designations such as Jr., Sr., II, or III, should be used.)
Where do I find the latest FCRA Disclosure and Authorization form?
These documents are located on your Quick Search dashboard, select “My Account” and then scroll down to click “My Documents”. The Disclosure Form is the last document on the page.
Where do I find the latest SSA-89 (CBSV) Consent Based Social Verification Form?
These documents are located on your Quick Search dashboard, select “My Account” and then scroll down to click “My Documents”. The SSA-89 form is the fifth document on the left hand side. These are Federal forms and cannot be altered by Quick Search. Therefore, these forms must be filled out legibly, completely, and accurately for validation purposes. The forms are submitted directly to the Federal Government and inconsistencies or incomplete forms will be returned to the client for any corrections to be made.
How do I upload the forms with my background screening?

Click on the order entry tab which can be found on your dashboard, three lines under the phone number field, you will see a link that says “Upload Document(s)”.

Please click on this link and you will see the Pop-Up box below.

Upload Form Page

To upload the FCRA Disclosure, please enter “Disclosure” on the “Title” line, no data is required in the “Info” second line. Click on the browse button and select the document from your computer files (please upload in a PDF format). Select “Yes” this is a consent form and hit save. You will see the name of file appear under the horizontal gray bar.

If you are loading multiple forms (i.e., the SSA-89 Form and Disclosure Form, the Pop Up box must be closed and reopened between loading both forms.) THE SSA-89 FORM MUST BE LOADED FIRST AND THE TITLE SHOULD BE “SSA-89”.

Troubleshooting an uploading issue: If you have followed the steps outlined above and are still having issues, please call our Customer Service hotline – 214-358-2880 opt. 2.

How do I reset my password?
There is a “Forgot My Password” option on the log-in page to reset your password. If you do not receive the link in a timely manner, please call Quick Search Customer Service at 214-358-2880 opt. 2
Why do multiple names appear on my order?
The SSN Trace uses a person’s SSN and the credit header associated with that number to provide a residential address history for your candidate. It will also provide alias names associated with that SSN number. This could include Nicknames, Reversed first and last name, Maiden Names or First Names shown as an initial, etc. If you know that a name is wrong, please cancel these off the order.
Why is my total cost more than the package price?

There are several reasons for your total cost exceeding the package price. If you are running a MVR (Motor Vehicle Record), your Quick Search package includes the base price to run the record but every state charges a different fee to access their records. These range from $2.80 (California) to $28.50 (Oklahoma). Also Court Fees in certain states and counties will result in extra fees. These range from $5 for a Los Angeles County search to $95 for a Statewide New York search. These Fees are charged on a per name per search basis and are added on to the package price. To minimize court fees, please eliminate any aliases that are not the candidate’s full legal name or full secondary alias name by clicking on the “X” to the right of the name.

What is the Quick Search Customer service phone number and hours of operation?

214-358-2880 Option 2
Hours: 7:30am-6:00pm CT, Monday – Friday

After hours, please leave a voicemail and we will respond during normal business hours.

If I have a Quick Search invoicing question, who do I contact?
Contact Frank Deen at 214-358-2880 opt. 4 or email